Home Dashboard

When you login to Lucrativus, you can manage your day without leaving the home screen. Create matters, create tasks, bill your time, and review past billings. You can see your calendar from a day, week, month perspective and you can review the details in your matter.




Navigation on Lucrativus is easy to use, and when the second level nav is not needed, you can hide it by hitting the little arrow in the primary navigation.

Contacts & Clients

Manage contacts and customers, with multiple addresses and fields for each. For larger organizations, manage customer hierarchy with the ability to have multiple offices for each client. Bill specific offices as needed.




Use Intellitask™ to better manage the activities of your practice.  Define tasks for others, and ensure that upon completion you have an opportunity to review the work performed.

Great Tools

Lucrativus is replete with great tools, such as the date calculator, allowing you to know exactly what the deadline should be based upon court requirements. Keep the tools open, so they are always available.


Charts and Reports


There are numerous reports and charts to help you better manage your business. Define the timeline of interest and see trendlines, monthly revenues, billed hours and total profitability. These charts can be viewed at the individual level as well as the business center level.

Don’t miss out on giving Lucrativus a trial spin! Request a demo today to see the full power of this ground breaking software!

Commonly Asked Questions

No matter where you are or what device you are using, Lucrativus is with you!

Lucrativus is accessible via virtually any device so as long as you have an internet connection then you, and each member of your law firm, can access the data essential to keep your law practice moving.

Additionally, there is no need to “sync” your data with your devices. With traditional desktop or server based practice management solutions, mobile and laptop users are often required to “sync” with the server in order to get accurate and timely data. With Lucrativus’ cloud-based infrastructure, all users always access live, up-to-date information about their legal practice. This alleviates concern about getting incorrect information and also the risk of having duplicate information entered into the software because of the delay between syncs. Every moment information exchange is delayed in a law practice is a moment where malpractice could be occurring.

Lucrativus is flexible and dynamic

No matter what device or operating system that you utilize for your law practice Lucrativus products will work for you. Lucrativus is best utilized on the latest versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Chrome. However, you can be sure that any update, new product or other change that occurs with the Web will be incorporated into our line of products so that you never have to worry about losing functionality as the Internet continues to change.

Start-up and migration of data

Because Lucrativus is web-based, getting started takes only a few minutes. There is no software to download, install, or configure so you can start using our products within seconds of obtaining a subscription.

We understand that a primary concern for any established lawyer or law firm is migrating the practice’s data from another practice management solution to Lucrativus. Depending on the size of the practice and length of time it has existed, Lucrativus may provide migration services on a complimentary basis. For large law firms or databases that are large for reasons unrelated to the size of the practice, our data migration experts are often required to be on-site and working with the firm’s IT department to quickly and accurately migrate all of the data. These services are offered by Lucrativus on a flat-fee basis, or if preferred, on an hourly basis.

Additionally, if for any reason your law practice’s data needs cleaned up, or if you would simply prefer that following the migration you no longer have redundant or incorrect data, Lucrativus offers a data cleaning service which is charged on an hourly basis. It is recommended that you ensure that your data is as accurate as possible before the migration so that you can rely on the advanced reporting functions in Lucrativus immediately.

Intelligent and timely updates

Does your practice management software get updated annually, or every few years? When the updates occur do you feel like the solution provider is just now providing functionality that should have been introduced a long time ago? Best of all, do you feel like updates never really happen but every few years you hear about a new product being offered by the software company that has everything that you have wanted, but you have to “upgrade” in order to get it?

With Lucrativus you get software that is updated and improved continuously, with software updates rolled out seamlessly whenever they are necessary (whether that is daily, weekly, monthly or annually). As soon as our software engineers have new functionality ready then our users get to benefit from it. Additionally, we try to incorporate suggestions from users on a regular basis so our users are often able to get functionality that is specific to their practice within a relatively short period of time. We believe that by incorporating suggestions made by users that deal with the day-to-day of their practices the entire line of Lucrativus products becomes better and stays on the cutting-edge of practice management technology.

Bank Grade Security

Lucrativus employs state-of-the-art, bank-grade security to ensure your sensitive data stays safe and secure. The founders of our company and those that have assisted with the design and implementation of Lucrativus technology fully understand the absolute necessity of having practice and client data kept secure at all times because many of them are attorneys and CPAs who have been required to do so in their practices.

Is my data safe?

Absolutely! First the architecture is designed to ensure that your account and your database are completely unique. In essense there is a separate environment just for you.

Is the free version really free?

To us, free means free! When you consider the internet today, the biggest companies are those that provide great value for free. Think of companies like Facebook, Google, Twitter and LinkedIn. They each provide great value for free.

How long does it take to setup?

Your account can be setup in as little as 30 minutes. If you would like assistance in transferring your data, simply prepare Microsoft Excel exports of the key data you’d like to bring into Lucrativus, and let our technicians do the rest. We’ll ensure that your firm is ready to go before you’re ever charged a dime.

Can I see it before I buy it?

Definitely. We have two options! First you can signup for a free trial (30 days, no obligation). Alternatively you can check out: demo.lucrativus.com and login with username: demo password: demo.

I have a large practice, can you support it?

We provide dedicated cloud based hosting on the same architecture of Facebook. With our enterprise package we provide a dedicated resource for support, hosting, and even a custom domain name that you can select.

Don’t miss out on giving Lucrativus a trial spin! Request a demo today to see the full power of this ground breaking software!