The importance of an attorney practice management software

Its easy to get caught up in piles and piles of paper.  Paper invoices, time tracking records and the list goes on.  If you can take a moment to look up from all the paper you will see a better way.  The way of the law firm management software by Lucrativus.

Legal office management software can cut down on paper.  You can store documents and associate them with cases and matters.  You can spend more time working on billing clients and gaining new clients with your  law website and getting design inspiration that will make your clients feel comfortable working with you.  Besides a nice office you should have a nice quality web site that will bring clients in the door.

Not only does one attorney benefit but the whole law firm benefit from Lucrativus law firm office software. Every attorney will have a login to the law practice management software to do their time tracking, enter billings in the legal billing software.  Lucrativus only charges per lawyer and law clerks, secretaries, para legals etc are all free. This is an added benefit of the Lucrativus practice management software attorney edition that currently has a free trial.

Lucrativus will allow you to have a six month free trial. Limited only by the starting number of lawyers.  Easiest for solo practitioners who want a free trial with out having to commit to any long term contract.

Free free to check out our Demo page found here

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