The Benefits of Attorney Practice Management Software

The Benefits of Attorney Practice Management Software

Modern law firms need the competitive edge to stand out against competitors to retain more clients and run a more effective practice. A leading attorney practice management software is one of the best ways to gain that competitive edge. Here are just a few of the benefits a law firm enjoys by embracing practice management software.

Case Management and Workflow Benefits

Effectively handling cases is the lifeblood of a law firm, and attorney practice management software makes case management more efficient than ever. With law firm practice management software, attorneys will be able to:

  • Organize Cases in One Centralized Location
  • Build Case Files in Seconds
  • Efficiently Manage and Access Case Documents and Files
  • Enjoy a Standardized Process for Handling Specific Case Types
  • Assemble and Manage Files As Needed
  • Work on Cases From Any Device At Anytime and From Anywhere

In sum, these benefits add significant efficiency improvements to a law firm’s workflow. The ability to easily access pertinent documents and files in an anywhere, anytime manner gives attorneys and law firms the advantages needed to spend more time on crafting a winning case.

While this benefit is reason enough to opt for attorney practice management software, the law firm management itself will benefit as well.

Management of the Law Firm Itself Is Enhanced

Without effective law firm software, the firm must handle its own administrative matters. Given the long hours attorneys must spend on winning their cases, it stands to reason that administrative efficiency can fall through the cracks in the best of times.

Software provides the easy solution that allows the firm to enhance its management without massive overhauls and changes to the firm culture. Some of the key improvements include:

  • The Ability to Manage Multiple Locations and Firm Offices
  • Easily Manage Contacts
  • Effortless Task Delegation and Assignment Tracking
  • Enhanced Team Management Capability
  • Better File Security

Even basic firm tasks improve with attorney practice management software. Calendar events can be created firm-wide or narrowed down to groups and individuals within the firm. Additionally, the firm has the ability to set reminders, notifications and alerts that will automatically notify the firm of pressing and important details. Scheduling court docketing and automating task scheduling is also another convenient managerial benefit that alleviates much of the administrative burden. Careful law firms may even wish to have a reminder a few days before a legal deadline so the law firm will continue running like clockwork.

Billing and Invoicing Made Simple

Law firms cannot exist without receiving the money needed to keep the lights on and pay employees. Billing and invoicing, then, is a critically important component of a law firm, and attorney practice management software simplifies the billing and invoicing process.

Creating professional invoices and setting up the ability to receive payments online are easily made possible through effective firm management software. The ability to schedule payment plans add even more flexibility that helps law firms succeed.

Time and billable hours are also a crucial component of many law firms, and software ensures that billable hours are effectively tracked and managed. Recording billable time on an hourly, contingent, transactional or user-defined basis gives firms and attorneys the peace of mind that billable hours are honest and accurate.

Lucrativus Legal Suite provides the intuitive and accessible benefits law firms need with its leading attorney practice management software. Contact Lucrativus to request a free demo and learn more about why Lucrativus is the right firm management software for your practice.

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