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Attorneys may know the law, but this does not necessarily mean that they also know how to run a legal business or a law firm. The reality of the legal profession is that many lawyers can navigate the blusterous seas of litigation, or create a road map for a complex merger or acquisition, but these attorneys may have no idea how to administratively run a law firm. No matter how much experience an attorney has in the practice of law, the business of law is a completely different game.

As a solo practitioner you may ask yourself, “Why worry about all of the administrative aspects of my firm when I can just focus on practicing law?” The truth of the matter is that most attorneys can be profitable enough to have a great lifestyle without knowing the ins and outs of running a law firm; however, it is extremely likely that they are also leaving a lot of money on the table because of a lack of administrative efficiency or neglect. Over a career the money left on the table would have likely provided a very comfortable retirement for a solo practitioner.

As a member of a law firm, large or small, you may assume that your firm is streamlined and efficient because its management and accountants are watching and tracking everything so you can just focus on billing hours and bringing in cases. Oftentimes even managing attorneys assume that the accounting department is watching the money and the firm’s expensive practice management software is making everything efficient (because it should for that price), so they focus on generating work rather running the business.

Managing attorneys at law firms almost always assume that the only way to increase profitability is by charging more per billable hour, charging a premium for all costs and collecting a higher percentage on invoices, or, for contingency practices, getting more cases into the firm and settling those cases as fast as possible for the highest amount. By doing these things profitability is sure to increase, but at what cost to the law firm’s clients? As most managing partners and solo practitioners know, if you nickel and dime a client and increase your billing rates you certainly run the significant risk of losing that client. So why not look to your practice management/law software to increase profitability without the cost being passed on to your client in an obvious manner?

Answering the above stated question is not a simple task by any means. You may utilize your law office management software as efficiently as possible; it is just not very robust. Or you may have a product like ProLaw, Amicus or Time Matters, which are extraordinarily robust, but you have no idea how to utilize most of the offered features so only the billing, tasking and calendar functions of your legal software are used. If that is the case then you should probably change your law software provider, but you are probably afraid to do so and therefore you continue to pay the high cost year after year.

If you are looking for practice management software for lawyers, designed specifically to assist in the business of law while ensuring that the practice of law is handled appropriately and carefully, Lucrativus is likely the right law software choice for you and your law firm. Let this powerful set of tools help you to effectively and efficiently manage your practice so that you can produce timely and profitable work for your clients without dramatically increasing your overhead.

Whether you are practicing law in the office or on the go, Lucrativus’ attorney billing software and law practice management software will give you easy access to your clients, cases, documents, appointments and more. Also, when you need to manage the financial and marketing aspects of your practice, let the robust financial and tracking tools found in the software keep all of that information at your fingertips. Request your free trial of the Lucrativus Legal Suite and see how this law practice management software and attorney billing software perfectly assists you in growing and managing your practice.

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