Discover the power of being together. Lucrativus is working with bar associations and law societies from around the world.

Lucrativus was produced with the cooperation and advice of the top Law Firm in Salt Lake City with the goal of creating an easy-to-use, intuitive, cloud-based practice management system. Let us partner with your bar association for easy access to your members.

Designed to help lawyers get the most out of Lucrativus, the LCC Program personalizes our customers’ experience in learning the app. Consultants are third-party partners who are located across the United States and around the world. For customers, they’re valuable points of contact trained in every aspect of using Lucrativus, and for potential LCCs, the program could be a way to expand a legal consulting business.

It pays to share the wealth. Literally. If you like using Lucrativus, tell your colleagues and friends to check us out—you could earn some cool gadgets for your office, gift cards, maybe even a trip and always cash! Our customers range from lawyers to paralegals to office managers, and for every person you successfully invite, you’ll earn cash at the very least!

If you’re just starting your legal career or work at a law school, see what LAAP can do for you. It’s designed to help young lawyers and paralegals gain early exposure to leading practice management technology and better prepare them for the practical aspects of operating a law practice. We offer Lucrativus, the leading cloud-based matter management solution, to students, faculty, and administrators across the globe at no charge