Law Firm Office Management Made Easy with Law Firm Management Software

If you are a managing partner at a law firm, chances are that you wear many hats. Do you feel like you are effectively managing your practice or is your practice managing your life? In any case, you have probably found that your legal software is key to your legal business even though it would be nice if: (i) the software had a few more business related tools because your firm is too large for a basic product; (ii) the software had fewer tools and was substantially cheaper because most of the tools are probably only used by very large law firms, if anyone uses them at all; (iii) there was a company with software for lawyers that could effectively migrate your firm’s data to new software without it being a disaster; and (iv) the software was “cloud based” so that you didn’t need to worry about back-ups, database corruption, software installation and a variety of other issues that often arise. At Lucrativus we understand that your investment in law firm management software can be substantial and is without a doubt an essential part of your business and your life, so we have taken great care to produce software that does what you need it to do, how you need it to be done and in a secure and stable environment. With the Lucrativus Legal Suite you can effectively and efficiently manage both the practice of law and the business of law no matter how large or small your law firm is.

Having a successful and profitable law firm requires the business managers at the firm ensure that (1) the firm is providing quality legal services to its clients, and (2) everyone is keeping track of almost every aspect of his or her legal practice so that all of the activities can be billed, the firm can be paid, and the risks associated with malpractice related to case management are minimized. The tracking of time has become an integral part of the legal services arena because oftentimes that is what turns an attorney’s hard work into cash. However, of equal importance to the legal business is billing the time that is tracked. One without the other is often a pointless venture.

Since your law firm’s cash flow arguably relies on attorneys and staff keeping track of the hours being billed for a certain client, you need an easy and accurate time tracking mechanism to guaranty that your legal practice is capturing all of the time that should be billed. Simply documenting the time is the easy part. The Lucrativus Legal Suite enables each user to assign work and monitor the work flow so that every aspect of every case or transaction is assigned in an effective and efficient manner. We believe that the proprietary methods employed in our practice management solution allow law firms to dramatically increase profitability through efficiency and innovation.

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