The best way to learn about the Lucrativus Legal Suite is to experience it for yourself with a free trial. However, we understand that sometimes a “free trial” is not really free because you lose productivity trying to get acquainted with a new practice management suite, so we have provided video tours and quite a bit of content on this site to give you an idea about why you would want to use our software.Generally though, the following list provides a very broad description of what we are about and what the Lucrativus Legal Suite can do for your law firm:
  • The Lucrativus Legal Suite may be utilized with any platform with a modern browser (any PC or Mac using a Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, etc.). Our software has also been optimized for tablets because we know that many lawyers are increasing their productivity through mobility.
  • The Lucrativus Legal Suite has all the functions you would expect from a practice management product that handles the professional side of your business. For example, our legal suite handled matter management, calendaring, practice group heat maps, task management (via IntellitaskTM), contacts, phone call management, full-text database searches and advanced reports.
  • Our legal suite also takes care of the financial aspects of your law firm, including the accounting functions. A few of the major functional areas are time entries, expense tracking, billing and trust management. All of our software suites were designed by industry professionals and certified public accountants, and specifically with respect to the legal suite, managing partners of law firms, so we know what you want when it comes to financial functions and reporting.
  • The Lucrativus Legal Suite is built on a sophisticated, secure and reputable cloud hosting platform. You can be confident that your information is being protected with an extremely high level of security.
  • The Lucrativus Legal Suite is more than simply software; it is a service also. With each subscription comes unlimited support. Free basic training is also offered and if you need advanced training or integration then those can be provided for a reasonable fee. All of this functionality and service comes at a remarkably low monthly rate!
  • The Lucrativus Legal Suite will improve the financial efficiency of your law practice which allows you to further refine your practice of law. An efficient law practice provides maximum profitability.

Don’t miss out on giving Lucrativus a trial spin! Request a demo today to see the full power of this ground breaking software!