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Cutting Edge Software

The Lucrativus Legal SuiteTM allows advanced customization so that your firm’s culture can be integrated into our software. Through the use of Smart PracticesTM and IntellitaskTM technology you will find efficiencies that you did not think could be achieved without micromanagement of each element of your legal practice.


Safe & Secure

The Lucrativus Legal SuiteTM is 100% a secure and trusted service. We will never put you or your clients personal information at risk. You can count on it!

It’s in The Cloud!

As lawyers work in greater collaboration, and remotely, sharing files in the cloud is a must. Lucrativus Law Firm suite includes cloud file management. This allows Lawyers to upload files share with other lawyers in the firm or with clients. Lucrativus also provides file archiving service so lawyers can request a hard drive with their files embedded at any time and the files archived for a certain amount of time or removed from the cloud.